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ITS NEARLY CHRISTMAS!!!! i hear you say...... i know, madness right? However the amount of enquiries ive had already is unreal. I started offering them at the end of August last year and was fully booked. I had to turn alot of people away so im starting early this year, with more backdrop choices and more dates to make sure i can fit you all in.

Sessions this year include:

  • 30 M i n S e s s i o n

  • 5 D i g i t a l I m a g e s

  • F u l l U s e Of C h r i s t m a s P r o p s (inc fake snow balls & a rustic wooden sledge!)

  • U s e O f A n y O t h e r C h r i s t m a s B a c k d r o p s O n T h e D a y

  • On l i n e G a l l e r y

  • P r i n t R e l e a s e


Sessions are just £30 and require a a £5 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your booking & will be deducted from your session fee, which is to be paid in full on the day by cash or bank transfer / paypal.



How amazing are these Photo compositions.....

ALL who book ANY of my Christmas sessions this year will also have the opportunity to choose one of the following and have photos taken for the taht composition photo. These will be taken at the end of your Christmas sessions. These are optional, additional photos at no extra cost. The completed photos will be added to your online digital gallery. Whos excited!!? I know i am.


Saturday November 14th - 
9:30am *booked* / 10am *booked* / 10:30am / 11am *booked* / 11:30am / 12noon  / 12:30pm  *booked* / 1pm *booked* / 1:30pm / 2pm *booked* / 2:30pm *booked* / 3pm *booked*  / 3:30pm / 4pm *booked* / 4:30pm

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Christmas 2020

£5 deposit required to secure timeslot. Please click Proceed to checkout. This will notify me of your booking and redirect you to paypal. If you wish to pay via bank transfer, please still click proceed and i will respond as soon as i can with the bank details. Thank you.

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Timeslots are updated manually & on the evening of any new bookings, therefore i will try my best to get you your preferred timeslot. I will contact you to confirm the timeslot chosen or the closest available. All bookings will receive a reciept / invoice to email address listed above.

*Photo examples are provided from the backdrop supplier @ Cam